Clearview Towing Mirrors Pty Ltd (Clearview) was initiated for those people tired of being unable to find good quality towing mirrors in Australia.

The problem is, nothing had been done about quality towing mirrors for our market - until now.

Clearview has taken approximately 4.5 years to develop this range of quality towing mirrors.

Our mirrors are not a strap on mirror type. There's no bars or poles running across the car... and they are definitely not cheap and nasty.

We have developed a full replacement mirror. In other words, you take off your existing mirror and fit our mirror in the original position. The same holes for bolts and wiring for the electrics (if applicable) as the original mirror are used to attach our mirror.

Yes - these mirrors electrically adjust in the same manner as your original mirrors. Clearview Mirrors do not contain additional features such as electric Turn downs, puddle lights or electric fold backs.

The mirrors are much bigger than the standard mirror (approximately 100mm wider prior to extension), which allows for much clearer vision and safer towing. When you hook up your caravan, the mirror head can be pulled outwards for another 100mm of extension to see past the side of the caravan. The mirrors are made robust for Australian conditions and will not vibrate when travelling at highway speeds.

At present, we have a wide product range of towing mirrors ready to go. Other makes and models will be announced as we finish our rigorous testing. In the mean time, if you are interested in buying a set of our Clearview towing mirrors, then please contact us.

Keep an eye on our on this website for more information on upcoming product releases, dealer information, and more!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Clearview Towing Mirrors.












Designed and tested in Australia
Full spare parts backup and service
12 month product warranty
15 minute once only fitting time per side
Exceptional Vision



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